Documents and information to be delivered to the Conveyancers in order to expedite the Conveyancing Process

There are considerably more documents required from a seller during the conveyancing process. The majority of these documents are about the property and may require you to fill out numerous forms. The documents needed to sell a house are:

From the Agents

  • Agents Personal Income Tax Numbers
  • Estate Agency VAT Registration Number
  • Amount of commission payable
  • Details of any commission split between agencies

Transfer information required for ALL Sellers and Purchasers

  • Income Tax Numbers
  • Proof of current or registered address dated within the last 2 months
  • Future address after transfer, if known and if it w ill change
  • Bank statements for payments and refunds
  • If it is a VAT-able transaction – then the seller ‘s VAT registration number
  • Correct email address and cell phone number of the contact persons for buyer and seller
  • Seller’s latest bond statement
  • Seller ‘s latest municipal rates account
  • Seller ‘s latest levy account, if part of Sectional Title Scheme or Home Owners Association

Additional Transfer information required Sellers and Purchasers who are PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS

  • ID’s
  • Marital Status, date and place of marriage and whether married in or out of community of property

Additional Transfer information required for Seller s and Purchasers who are Trusts, CC’s, Companies, or Deceased Estates

  • For trusts: Trust Deed and most recent Letters of Authority/ Master’s Certificate Contact details and ID’s of all trustees
  • Contact details for the auditor or accounting officer of the trust
  • For Companies and CC’s: certificate of incorporation and schedule of directors or members Contact details and ID’s of all directors/ members
  • Contact details for the auditor or accounting officer of the company or CC
  • For deceased estates: Letters of Executorship and a copy of the will (if there was one) Contact details and ID’s of all executors

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